Monday, January 21, 2008

This is Sparta!

The Sparta Challenge is a 60 DAY program designed to get all participants in the best physical shape of their lives. This Challenge is perfect for anyone wanting to increase their edge over competitors in any given sport....someone wanting to get ripped before Spring Break...Men and Women are encouraged to join in! Kick off Date February 5th 2007

We provide each person with:
-60 DAY workout plans
-Recommended eating guides
-AdvoCare product packages
-Accountability for completing goals

Who is the Sparta Challenge for?
Anyone wanting to find out what they're made of! Some people who go through this program work out everyday... others that start and finish this haven't worked out in years... Some people who do this are athletes that want to get Bigger, Stronger, and Faster so they can dominate their opponents... others who join grew up playing computer games and want to learn about fitness, nutrition, and overall health.

It does not matter someone's current physical condition or knowledge of health and fitness.
Believe me...this program can meet you where you're at physically.
If you're already in great shape you can always be in better shape...this program will rock your world and be alot of fun. If you're not...guess're going to come out of this a Champion
and better because of it!!! See you at the finish line